Award Won - Leading Lighting Supplier

IT’S OFFICIAL! We have been recognised by BUILD magazine as the Leading Leisure and Education Led Lighting Supplier in the West Midlands.

BUILD magazine aims to recognise those that are succeeding in their in their field and those who are constantly innovating, growing, and improving.

Throughout the year, recipients of this programme are determined through an internal process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection.

BUILD’s in-house team use publicly available sources such as local and national press, industry journals, client recommendations, press releases, and other published works to source potential candidates based entirely on merit, each of which is then carefully scrutinised to narrow down a shortlist.

Their head of research, along with senior management at the company, will then go over the shortlisted individuals and firms to decide on the final winners’.

Adopting this approach ensures that the recipients are selected based purely on merit – not popularity, budget, or external votes – and allows recognition of the leading players in each field.

It’s great to know our hard work is being recognised by industry professionals!