Simplified Emergency Lighting


Legislation requires all occupied buildings to have adequate escape lighting to allow safe exit should mains powers fail. This usually means around 10% of light fittings in occupied with our emergency enabled.

The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 & BS5266 part 1 – require building owners to test emergency lighting systems regularly and maintain them in proper working order.

The VERI-FI wireless self-test emergency system take the hassle out of regular manual on-site checks and will instantly report back any emergency lighting issues that occur via email notification.




Integral VERI-FI wireless nodes are fitted in conjunction with an approved self-test emergency module within each light fitting. This set up enables the node to continuously monitor the battery, charge, and status LED indicator.

Each VERI-FI enabled light fitting will offer fully automated, self-reporting emergency lighting, that is maintained and tested 24 hours a day.







  • Dramatically reduce maintenance costs 
  • Offers maintained and tested emergency lighting 24hrs a day with no building disruption
  • Can be monitored from anywhere in the world via web portal
  • Can add additional VERI-FI enabled light fittings to the system at a later date
  • No ongoing charges or fees
  • Easy install and commissioning
  • Can be installed alongside compatible PIR and daylight sensors
  • Software updates available via Google Play and web portal

What’s Required?

Compatible Emergency Light Fitting

If there is space to fit the VERI-FI node and self-test emergency module then we can offer a VERI-FI enabled fitting

VERI-FI Wireless Node  

No limit to number of nodes

VERI-FI Collators

Forms gateway between VERI-FI Wireless node and the internet 

VERI-FI Software Enabled Device

The team at VERI-FI can install the software on your tablet as required with updates available via Google Play and web portal



How VERI-FI Works

Step 1

VERI-FI enabled emergency light fittings wirelessly communicate with the VERI-FI collators whilst monitoring the emergency lighting status.

Step 2

The VERI-FI collators then send emergency lighting status information to the cloud.

Step 3

The cloud allows access to emergency status information from Android devices or on computers via a web portal.

Step 4

Immediate monitoring and diagnostics of the emergency lighting system at the touch of a button and automatic email reporting.


VERI-FI is perfect for a wide range of applications and enables sites to be monitored remotely via a web portal. Monitoring remotely will also dramatically reduce business disruption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

Test data is collected and then uploaded to the cloud via system collators that are installed on site. The number of VERI-FI nodes that can “talk” to a single collator is infinite but each node must be installed within 50 metres of a collator. Multiple collators can be installed per site and supplied for industrial and office environments.


Car Parks



Social Housing