The Hive Leisure Centre

The Hive Leisure Centre, a hub for the local community located at the Ely Leisure Village next to the A10. Following recent investment, the Centre now boasts a modern newly-redecorated and spacious gym with dedicated cardio, strength, resistance and functional zones.


The Hive Leisure Centre embarked on a mission to revamp its lighting infrastructure to create a modern, vibrant, and sustainable environment for its patrons. For this ambitious project, the centre turned to Flick Lighting, a leading lighting solutions company renowned for its innovative approach and expertise in transforming spaces.



As part of the commitment to sustainability, Flick Lighting replaced traditional lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED lights. The incorporation of smart lighting controls, including motion sensors and timers, further optimized energy usage, ensuring lights were active only when required. The result was a significant reduction in energy consumption, benefiting both the environment and The Hive Leisure Centre’s operational costs.

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