Our Suppliers

Here at Flick we have a certified Made In Britain status, as we purchase all of our components from British suppliers. Eight of our 15 most used suppliers are based in the West Midlands near our HQ.

We are passionate about buying British and sourcing local in every way possible to help put back into the economy. In fact, on average our suppliers are all within 65 miles of our location in Birmingham, meaning we can offer our customers shorter lead times and reduce carbon footprint in the process!

We want our customers to know that buying from us means you can be sure you are supporting true British manufacturing, as well as a company committed to producing the best products at an affordable price. Being a British manufacturer is important to us as it sets us apart from most of the competition. All fittings are assembled in house at our UK factory using only high quality components.  This enables our end customers’ projects to benefit from ‘ value engineering’, ensuring our customers get absolute value, guaranteed which is what British manufacturing is famous for.