The Flick Brand



Our Flick Brand consists of three companies; Flick Lighting, Flick Electrical Wholesale and Flick Energy Solutions. As we all offer different products and services, you may be wondering how we fit together.

Flick Energy Solutions provides an energy solutions service. They offer free energy audits to businesses in industrial, commercial, retail, and educational industries and work with them to reduce their energy and carbon and save them money. They do this in numerous ways, but primarily through the installation of intelligent lighting units aka our Flick Lighting fixtures. Which is why we often work on the same projects.

Flick Electrical Wholesale carries a first-class selection of electrical supplies for trade and industry professionals, with products sourced from some of the most renowned and respected manufacturers in the industry.

Our company motto is “One Source, One Solution”, as we are your one stop shop for all your electrical and LED lighting needs.