Bespoke Lighting Design


We know the lighting industry is competitive and it may leave you wondering “What makes Flick Lighting unique?”, “How can Flick Lighting add value through their offering?”

One way in which we do this is by offering a FREE lighting design service, where we design and build bespoke lighting fittings to be project specific!  We have done this for previous projects such as Warwick University, Radcliffe House Conference Centre and the London Corn Exchange.

When approached by Lorne Stewart Group to design and build a bespoke LED panels for the kitchens at Radcliffe House Conference Centre, Warwick University, Flick Lighting rose to the challenge! With a complex brief of supplying 25 panels, in 3 different non standard sizes, with an IP54 rating and efficiency of over 120 lumens per watt, these luminaires were to be installed in a special ‘waveform’ stainless steel exposed ‘T’ ceiling grid. Flick Lighting were happy to deliver to the specification, under budget and on time.

To discuss this service with us, contact our team on: 0121 752 1240 alternatively email: