Product Description


The KINGSLEY LED exterior wall lights. Industrial styling provides substantial presence. An output of up to 4600 lumens with efficacy at up to 113 Ll/cW and three distributions for maximum versatility.
Extruded and cast aluminium construction, finished in black powdercoat over a chromate conversion then sealed to IP66 during final assembly plus tempered clear flat glass lens.



IP66 – Ingress protection

4000K – Colour Temperature


Product code  Distribution   Circuit Watts (w) Delivered Lumens  Efficacy Ll/cW
750.21.2200  Narrow   21 2200 105
751.21.2400  General   21 2400 113
752.21.2300  Wide   21 2300 110


Product code  Up/Down Distribution    Circuit Watts (w) Delivered Lumens Efficacy Ll/cW
754.41.4300  Narrow/Narrow   41 4300 105
755.41.4600  General/General   41 4600 112
756.41.4400  Wide/Wide  41 4400 107
757.41.4300  Narrow/Wide   41 4300 105
758.41.4500  General/Wide  41 4500 110





Industrial style exterior direct or direct/indirect wall light. IP67, complete with various distributions as per Flick Lighting KINGSLEY range

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