Global Risk Partners (GRP) has developed significantly since its inception in 2013 and now employs around 2000 people. Brown & Brown, Inc, a US broker, purchased Global Risk Partners in July 2022, establishing itself as a key influence in the UK and Ireland retail insurance markets.


OKTRA’s layout design had already made a concerted effort to integrate the identities of its various brands, giving Flick Lighting the opportunity to design and manufacture the workplace lighting. This was accomplished by employing intelligent design elements such as the use of bright paint colours to clearly identify distinct workstation areas. The workspace is a well-balanced combination of private offices, meeting rooms, and open plan meeting areas, allowing workers to work how and where they want. This marks GRP’s departure from typical cellular working.



Flick Lighting specified a variety of lighting that would be sustainable and functional for years to come, utilising the latest highly efficient edge-lit panels and recessed linear Stirling fittings to enhance the office design and create group cohesion while allowing each brand to maintain its unique identity.

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