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Product Description


The FLOOD range of LED floodlights are a solid option if capital outlay is the overriding concern. Aesthetically pleasing, but also capable of lighting anything from footpaths to service roads. With five sizes and outputs from 700 lumens to 20700 lumens and efficacy at up to 86 Ll/cW. There’s an option for almost every application.
The body and front frame are constructed from high quality die cast aluminium, finished in black powdercoat then sealed to IP65 during final assembly with a clear toughened glass cover as standard, with a clear glass as standard.
Mounting is by integral, adjustable wall bracket.



IP65 – Ingress protection

3000K – Colour Temperature

6000k – Colour Temperature


Product code Circuit Watts (w) Delivered Lumens Efficacy Ll/cW Size
710.12.700.6K 12 700 61 Micro
710.12.700.3K 12 700 61 Micro
712.34.2200.6K 34 2200 66 Mini
712.34.2200.3K 34 2200 66 Mini
714.54.3600.6K 54 3600 67 Small
714.54.3600.3K 54 3600 67 Small
714.88.5700.6K 88 5700 65 Small
714.88.5700.3K 88 5700 65 Small
716.112.7100.6K 112 7100 63 Midi
716.112.7100.3K 112 7100 63 Midi
716.120.9200.6K 120 9200 77 Midi
716.120.9200.3K 120 9200 77 Midi
718.211.18200.6K 211 18200 86 Large
718.211.18200.3K 211 18200 86 Large
718.248.20700.6K 248 20700 83 Large
718.248.20700.3K 248 20700 83 Large



Aesthetically pleasing IP65 floodlight as per Flick Lighting FLOOD range

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The PIZZARO LED exterior floodlight. Industrial styling with a substantial presence. An output of up to 2400 lumens and an efficacy at up to 113 Ll/cW and three distributions for maximum versatility.

Drake 1

The DRAKE LED exterior wall luminaire. Rounded aesthetics provide a decorative solution to amenity lighting. With an output of 3400 lumens and efficacy of 79 Ll/cW.


The SCOTT LED pole top luminaire. An elegant lantern design available in two sizes with or without ribbed diffuser surround. With an output of up to 1900 lumens and efficacy at up to 100 Ll/cW.

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